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Tech Showcase: Innovations in Critical Power and Cooling

This session took place on December 3, 2021

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Tech Showcase: Innovations in Critical Power and Cooling

A series of three quick-fire presentations showcasing the latest technologies to drive rapid innovation across critical power and cooling infrastructure.

Jenbacher | Innio: Path to Zero Carbon Emissions from Backup Power

There is currently no commercial solution available for zero pollution for Data Center Back-Up Power. Whereas there is a lot of discussion around how hydrogen can solve this issue. If we ignore for a moment the current limited availability of hydrogen, there is a zero CO2 solution available now. Most natural gas engines can run on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen and the INNIO Jenbacher 1MW reciprocating gas engine can even run on 100% hydrogen already which then results in zero CO2 emissions. Learn how it is possible to implement already now a hydrogen generator as back-up power solution.

Stulz: Direct liquid cooling, CAPEX and OPEX, the complete ROI story

An in-depth analysis of the ROI that can be expected when shifting from traditional air cooling to direct liquid to chip cooling. The analysis will concentrate on energy use in a 1-megawatt block by using bin weather data for the Mid Atlantic States. Both CAPEX and OPEX will be evaluated as well as any other capitol savings that may be gained by embracing this new technology.

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