What will remain of the human race?

In the latest issue of the DCD Magazine, we head to Svalbard to visit what could be the last data center, buried in the permafrost.

We also talk to Microsoft researchers planning halls of glass that last 10,000 years, delve into DNA storage, discuss the loss of knowledge with Internet Hall of Famers Vint Cerf and Brewster Kahle, and talk about immortality with the man behind the Voyager's Golden Record.

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Peering into the future

Elsewhere in the magazine, we speak to DE-CIX's new CEO Ivo Ivanov about building an interconnection giant that spans the world.

The cable ship crisis

Everyone wants submarine cables. Nobody wants to buy the ships that lay them

A second look

Why hyperscalers are looking to reinvent time and avoid the negative leap second

Light Matters

Photonic compute and interconnect see the light

The flamingo universe

Simulating the cosmos takes a lot of RAM

Raiding data centers

When law enforcement comes for data centers, what happens?

A necessary shutdown

Why telcos are switching off 2G and 3G, and what it means for 5G

Amped up

Ampere explains its core philosophy

Telco consolidation

Behind Vodafone's proposed merger with Three UK

Reusing waste compute

Qarnot's digital boilers put heat first

Brace for impact

Getting ready for the economic downturn

And more!

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