We prefer technology to politics, but sometimes the two are inseparable.

Energy seems to be one of those areas - any power policy will be treated as a political statement, but the issue of renewable energy is more complex than any campaign slogan.

We delve into this complexity in the latest issue of the DCD Magazine, with our cover feature exploring how data center operators are embracing a renewable future that seems increasingly out of step with the current US administration.

The February/March issue, the first with our new logo, is out now – available to view online, or as a print publication delivered to your door (registration required), entirely for free.

What’s in the magazine

In addition to our cover feature, our magazine is packed with features and opinions from our global editorial staff. Here’s just a short selection of what’s in this issue.

Hyperscale vs Microscale

Hyperscale vs Microscale

The battle between hyperscale and microscale data centers is not as it seems. Instead of the titanic conflict some see, these two concepts are complimentary, and are closer in technology than you might think.

Telcos push racks to the limit


We delve into how the OCP Telco Project is trying to get the telecommunications industry to embrace Open Compute gear, and the additional challenges the telco business has to overcome, including earthquake resistance, EM-shielding and humidity considerations.

Here comes the flood

DDoS flood
– DCD/Fay Marney

The number of DDoS attacks is on the rise, the size of DDoS attacks is on the rise, the complexity of DDoS attacks is on the rise. You’ve heard all this before – but we talk to industry figures that explain why we should not only start to take this threat seriously, but also turn it into a business opportunity.

The Daily Shake Up: 10 Corporate Deals of Note

The daily shake-up
– DCD/Holly Tillier

Roll-up, roll-up, read all about it. We take a look at the biggest mergers, acquisitions and spin offs of the last year in a spread that will remind you just how massive this industry truly is.

The serverless cloud could swallow up hardware

Serverless computing
– DCD/Fay Marney

The next step towards utility computing is a serverless model, where users buy functions, and the underlying hardware disappears from view.

The Power Supplement

This edition of the DCD Magazine also comes with an additional power supplement, sponsored by Vertiv. Here’s a selection of what’s in the issue.

Power chips, but not as we know them

Gallium Nitride
– DCD/Holly Tillier

Gallium nitride is coming, and the semiconductor is going to cut your electricity bills quite noticeably. The future approaches, and it’s time to take note.

Chasing lithium nirvana

Lithium-ion battery bang
– DCD/Fay Marney

Ever heard the one about the exploding battery? Well unfortunately a lot of people have, and in the conservative, low-risk world of data centers, even a hint of danger can stymie a product’s roll-out. We look at the hurdles Li-ion UPS systems have yet to overcome.

No one dethrones the PDU

The PDU is dead, long live the PDU. The Open Compute Project was meant to herald the end of power distribution units, but such doomsday proclamations have been premature. We look at the reasons.

And more!

From everyone here at DCD, we hope you enjoy this issue. We’re hard at work on our next one, and can’t wait to share it with you too.

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