How we respond to the war in Ukraine may prove to be one of the most important decisions of our lifetime. In the data center sector, as one local cloud company saw its homeland come under attack, the industry came together to help keep them and the country online.

Hear how Wise Infotech moved out of Ukraine amid a conflict, with the help of Equinix Metal and others.

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The money man

Elsewhere in the magazine, we talk to DigitalBridge CEO Marc Ganzi about what he looks for in a digital infrastructure company. Ganzi discusses how he got involved in the sector, and why he bought companies like Vantage, DataBank, and - soon - Switch.

How to break into a data center

We talk to pen testers about how they manage to sneak into data centers, even if they claim to have top-notch physical security.

The Egyptian submarine cable stranglehold

One country has a monopoly on Internet traffic, meaning high prices and higher risks for cable operators.

Floating a new idea

We visit Nautilus' data center on a barge, and discuss the future of water-based facilities.

Supercomputers and the cloud

Where does the future of HPC lie?

Africa's data center dilemma

Bringing infrastructure where it's needed.

And more!

Fun with AI, thoughts on Jim Chanos, carbon accounting, and a whole supplement on the APAC region.

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