Charles Mann

Sales Director DATABAR – EMEA/ APAC, Anord Mardix

Anord Mardix’s newly appointed Sales Director for EMEA and APAC, Charles Mann, has worked with the company since 2018. The journey to his current role started some 20 years ago working in the data centre and hyperscale infrastructure industry with a spectrum of expertise spanning across power distribution, cloud computing and network security for global markets. Such comprehensive knowledge has presented Charles with opportunities to increase the position of a number of company’s products, primarily the Anord Mardix DATABAR, to the top spot in the industry, as well as establishing operations overseas – most recently in APAC. 

Throughout his career so far, Charles’ expertise has driven his passion for creating value and helping develop business’s market standpoint through managing and curating key executive relationships around the world. His business development mindset has been a monumental force behind the DATABAR’s growth and innovative approach to market.

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