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The number of widespread power outages in 2017-18 were stark reminders of the fragile nature of the grid across North America, and with the continued risk of storms, fires, human error and potential physical and cyberattacks ever present, microgrids - which offer enhanced electric reliability and power quality - have become increasingly necessary to ensure continued operation in times of crisis.

But with high upfront costs and complex operational considerations, some operators are outsourcing to reduce the initial capital cost and ensure operations are put in the hands of the experts. In this whitepaper, we find out more about the world of outsourced microgrids, including:

  • The cost of power outages and the economic value of electric reliability
  • The benefits of affordable microgrid services using natural gas as fuel
  • How microgrids can leverage wholesale power markets during normal operations
  • The role various grid services will play as the system becomes more dependent on renewable energy
  • Exploring real-world examples of microgrid use, including the role microgrids played in Texas during Hurricane Harvey