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The threat of climate change has resulted in urgent demand for more sustainable mission-critical power technologies. Generator manufacturers and their industrial partners have responded with an intense period of engine optimization that has significantly reduced the release of harmful pollutants.

Now, new maintenance techniques and the introduction of renewable fuels such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) are also improving the environmental performance of generators before revolutionary technologies such as batteries and fuel cells become broadly available

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  • Explore the importance of mission-critical power and understand the vital role of mission-critical power in various sectors, including healthcare, water plants, smart grids, and communication networks
  • Gain insight into sustainable power technologies and learn about how generator manufacturers are responding to this demand through engine optimization, new maintenance techniques, and the introduction of renewable fuels
  • Understand the future of mission-critical generators and discuss the transition to cleaner power sources, the potential of renewable fuels, and the role of innovative technologies like fuel cells and batteries