In November 2021, Colt DCS sold 12 of its European co-location data centers to focus on the Hyperscale market. Faced with the following challenges:

  • User Experience. Several platforms were running on older versions and depended on legacy software that often had compatibility and functionality issues. These platforms resulted in poor user satisfaction and low engagement.
  • Performance and Reliability. Although Colt DCS had already made the move to the cloud to host several critical business IT platforms, including FNT, few of these platforms had been deployed in an efficient and robust manner. Therefore, performance and availability of these platforms was inconsistent and below acceptable levels.
  • Functionality. The Colt DCS Hyperscale strategy required a focus on B2B interfaces in addition to the self-service capabilities required by co-location customers.  
  • Data Management. Many legacy systems lacked the capability to implement granular segmentation of data, whether it be by region, country, or even customer.

This case study explains the journey that Colt DCS has taken with one of its key vendors, FNT Software, and highlights the future collaboration between FNT and the team at Colt DCS.