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Edge computing is growing in popularity thanks to its ability to reduce latency and save on the cost of upgrading or building new large, traditional data centers. These edge deployments are often housed in small, confined rooms, IT closets, or in other environments that weren’t really built to house IT equipment. Edge data centers like these require a supportive infrastructure to protect them from expensive downtime caused by both the unique hazards of these environments and human error.

This whitepaper includes all of the information you need to quickly and easily put together a sound plan for your edge data center upgrade or deployment, including:

  • A health assessment to help you ensure that your older equipment is modernized effectively
  • Easy-to-follow checklists covering: Power; Cooling; Racks; Physical Security; Fire Protection; Infrastructure Environment; Network Connectivity; Site Management; and General Practices
  • A deployment guide designed to save you time when researching and specifying specific pieces of your data center infrastructure