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  • Mission critical innovation award

    Microsoft beats competition to Mission Critical Innovation Award

    Microsoft’s ‘Stark and Simple’ design collapses the entire energy supply chain, into a small fuel cell at the top of each rack. The result is a very efficient generator that produces electricity and by-products that can be reused; like clean water, high grade heat, and pure CO2.

    This award was sponsored by CBRE

  • DCD>Zettastructure Highlights

    DCD>Zettastructure highlights

    Highlights from 2017's DCD>Zettastructure at London's Old Billingsgate. Featuring Microsoft, Nexans, Schneider Electric and many more.

  • Kushagra Vaid DCD>Zettastructure interview

    Kushagra Vaid interview

    Microsoft's GM of Azure cloud joins DCD to discuss Open-source technology with Azure at DCD>Zettastructure in London.