WBPS e-Pod Loughborough Facility
WBPS's Loughborough facility – WBPS

WB Power Services (WBPS), a leading provider of data center critical power solutions, proudly announces the expansion of its business portfolio with the strategic acquisition of Hodgson Acoustics Company Ltd.

The newly acquired business, now operating under the Wilmott Group of companies, involves the transfer of the specialist container and acoustic solutions manufacturer to an associated company, Wiltech Acoustics Ltd.

This acquisition not only solidifies WBPS’s commitment to innovation and customer-focused growth in the data center market, but it also positions WBPS and its related companies as frontrunners in the power marketplace, adding to an already impressive portfolio of first-class services and products for data center customers.

Wiltech Acoustics Workshop
Wiltech's acoustics workshop – WBPS

The establishment of Wiltech Acoustics Ltd empowers WBPS and other Wilmott Group companies with complete control over the design and manufacturing process of bespoke, high-quality acoustic enclosures.

This strategic move also aligns with WBPS's mission to offer comprehensive and innovative critical power packages and solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of its data center clients.

As specialists in the industrial and power sectors, Wiltech Acoustics Ltd is committed to maintaining the core premise of the business, ensuring that design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities remain at the forefront.

Building on WBPS’s vast experience in the critical power marketplace, the acquisition also welcomes three significant production facilities to the group, complementing the existing POD facility in Loughborough, UK, and the renewable production facility in Ilkeston, UK.

e-Pod Delivery2
e-Pod delivery at WBPS's facility – WBPS

Commenting on the acquisition and its placement within the power marketplace, Andrew Wilmott, CEO of the Wilmott Group and managing director of WB and Wiltech, said: "We are extremely proud of our continued growth in the manufacturing and power industries."

"With Wiltech Acoustics Ltd now part of our business model, we are committed to further expanding our presence across all areas of the business."

"As WBPS continues to provide critical power services to some of the UK’s most important businesses and organizations, we are also focused on bringing the very best container and acoustic solutions to the forefront of our operations," Wilmott commented.

"By retaining the existing workforce, we ensure continuity of expertise and skills, giving us full control of the supply chain moving forward. It’s a very exciting time for all in WBPS, Wiltech, and the wider Wilmott Group!"

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