The global interests of the mobile industry are represented by the GSM Association (GSMA). 

This governing body was established in 1995 to support mobile operators using the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard for cellular networks. 

It has become synonymous with the mobile industry and has driven it forward through industry programs, working groups, and initiatives. 

The GSMA’s legacy has even inspired something similar but for broadband instead, with Martin Creaner, director general of the Worldwide Broadband Association (WBBA) seeking to use this model. 

Can the GSMA’s model be replicated for broadband as well? Creaner explains why the need for a governing body representing broadband interests is important. 

“It’s all about creating a member-led organization that creates a platform to drive broadband cooperation and partnership across the whole industry to accelerate broadband adoption everywhere in the world,” said Creaner. 
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