The data center is often a shapeshifting beast that has been through many iterations and is now barely recognizable from its original form. All these changes have been for the good so that data centers can expand with the technology businesses use today and the service needed for businesses to deliver to their customers. Yet with so many changes comes the daunting question: Does anyone actually know what is in the complicated data center environment anymore?

Calculating the true cost of not knowing your data center can feel a laborious task. But it’s far from pointless. Once data center managers and the higher-ups in the business look into the spine-shivering fines businesses have been whacked with for not being compliant it can strike fear into any of us. This does not even take into account the wasted resources which are being poured at a constant rate into the data center on underutilized and outdated technology. Why not make the effort to understand the environment and seek to optimize.

Uncovering the hidden truths in your data center will not only save the business money but will also make the whole system more efficient and easier to manage.


Get rid of the old and in with the updated 

When refreshing the data center it is all too common to just take into consideration all the new technology and assets. Out of date technology that lurks within the shadows of the network is a pain point that every data center manager absolutely detests. This is where an effective Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution and plan can be a game-changer.

A good DCIM solution holds the power to track all the assets and technology which sits within the data center. But this is not its only superpower. DCIM provides a granular level of insight into the whole estate allowing improvements to be made on every aspect of data storage and service, saving money where before it would have been wasted – positively impacting the bottom line and all aspects of service delivery.

Once DCIM is implemented into the data center ecosystem, it can then actively seek out and search for all the technology sitting inside and interacting with the network. This results in any ineffective legacy technology being uncovered and examined. Old assets not only eats money but also takes up vital space within the center. This space could be used for new business and customer assets which will drive more revenue to the enterprise.

Single pane of glass

There are many more factors than just legacy technology to take into consideration when revitalizing the data center. Having visibility over all the hardware and software is imperative, but the temperature and power management to the floor space and rack availability holds so much information which data center managers should have sight over to optimize the whole experience.

DCIM collects real-time data which can give IT managers sight over the data center’s thermal, mechanical, and electrical infrastructure. This data encapsulates information around thermal sensors, bulk power distribution, and cooling devices. These deep insights shows how a DCIM solution can easily integrate and communicate with multiple different protocols and other solutions.

All this collected data is then compiled into an easily digestible dashboard. This gives the data center manager a single pane of glass to glance through to quickly check the overall health of the data center. A completely customizable dashboard is a sign of a good DCIM solution as these dashboards can inform an array of stakeholders: From finance to IT, each team will need to be able to pull out specific data points to ensure they have complete control and a clear vision of what resources the data center is using. 

Self-auditing is now a standard

When looking into the cost of not knowing your data center, auditing inevitably was going to be thrown into the mix. It shouldn’t just be left to when the auditors come knocking on the door.

By implementing a DCIM solution, data center managers can self-audit and ensure that everything is up to scratch. The ability to self-audit not only saves a lot of money from any potential fines but also saves a priceless amount of unnecessary stress.

A DCIM solution includes the ability to audit all equipment and add, edit, and delete assets in real-time based on visual observations. Lastly, the DCIM solution includes decommissioning workflows. These are important to ensure retired assets are removed and departmental chargebacks are modified for the change in support and maintenance costs. 

Get to know your data center now

DCIM is a vital weapon in the data center manager’s arsenal and can shape the way the entire ecosystems performs. The cost of knowing your data center is not just monetarily but also keeps data centers efficient and well-run businesses.

As more technology makes its way on to the data center, those who look after them need the visibility and granular detail a good DCIM solution provides to manage with peak efficiency and productivity.