Data Castle is a green data center platform in Germany. We develop, build and operate industry-leading green data centers, utilizing cutting-edge security solutions. We are the green data center platform for secure server housing and colocation at key locations in Germany such as Frankfurt and Berlin. For now, the company is focusing on Germany and the DACH Region.

Why green?

Our team of data center engineers are working hard on design and operations optimization for higher sustainability and lowered power and environmental cost.

Perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and a smart interface for hyperscalers and corporate clients of all sizes, the data centers will also host customers from the public sector wishing to secure the storage of their data. Last, but not least, AI and HPC operators will be satisfied to find technical experts understanding their needs and expectations.

Data Castle is a joint venture between DCD Data Center Developers, a specialist developer for colocation and hyperscale data centers from Germany, and Angelo Gordon, a global investment company from the US.

The team is a smart, balanced, mix of industry calibers and highly motivated people who are willing to make a difference.

Why Germany?

Thanks to the nature of the country, Germany – with an extremely secure political environment, financial stability, strong economy and central place in Europe – is seeing an extremely strong demand for such data center platforms.

The connectivity and latency in Germany is also a massive advantage, in particular with the DE-CIX. Founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1995, the DE-CIX is the world's leading Internet Exchange operator.

In addition to Frankfurt, DE-CIX offers interconnection services at six more Internet Exchanges in Germany: in Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, and in Berlin where DE-CIX cooperates with the local BCIX.

Finally, Germany is very protective of data privacy (data sovereignty) and this, alongside all of the above, is one of the main reasons why Germany is such a perfect location with such high demand for new data center developments. Germany is also an integral part of Europe and the political decisions that are made together with the European Union.

Even though the new rules and regulations (Energy Efficiency Act) put a lot of positive pressure on new data center projects, Germany remains one of the top data center locations within the FLAP-D region.

With a strong background in data center and real estate development, the Data Castle management team have secured two first strategic sites, one in Frankfurt am Main (precisely: Schwalbach), the other one in Berlin (The Hub, in the Spandau area.)

Frankfurt has already established itself as the go to location for data center colocation and hyperscale – Getty Images

These two sites are coming with secured power, with 25MVA in Frankfurt and 40MVA in Berlin of total power available respectively, and very advanced planning and building permit processes.

Frankfurt has already established itself as the go to location for data center colocation and hyperscale and is also a financial hub and offers strong potential for digital banking. In contrast, Berlin is the rising star, with massive investments and developments to build the German capital city as the next big digital hub.

Berlin is already home to a lot of start-ups and tech companies, serving as the perfect gate to the Eastern part of Europe. Both cities are also relevant in terms of EU decision centers and international organizations.

Due to differing laws, legislations, culture and working styles, most data center professionals know that to secure success, you need a team of local experts in every country in Europe. By thinking global but acting local, this is where Data Castle sees itself bringing added value to customers and partners.