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This week on White Space, we introduce a new member of the editorial team – please give a warm welcome to Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox!

We start with the observation that liquid cooling is like a bus: you wait ages for news, and then three announcements come at once. Swedish company Asetek has signed up a mysterious data center partner while in the UK, Iceotope has partnered with 2bm. And in Holland, Asperitas has unveiled an ‘immersed computing’ system that essentially sinks servers in giant tubs of Vaseline - cue the lubricant jokes.

There’s an update on the lawsuit filed by British modular data center specialist Bladeroom against Facebook - the company claims that the social network stole its designs and deployed them in Lulea, Sweden. It is now obvious that the case will go to court.

Google has finally made Nvidia GPUs available to the Google Compute Platform customers, becoming the last of the major cloud vendors to do so: the same GPUs were offered by SoftLayer in 2015, and both AWS and Microsoft jumped on the bandwagon in 2016. What makes Google’s approach different is the intent to also deploy graphics chips from AMD, the eternal underdog.

Meanwhile Dutch Data Center Association has published a report that claims Dutch colocation facilities have contributed more than $1 billion to the country’s GDP in 2016.

There’s plenty of other content in the show: anecdotes, observations and travel notes. You can also expect more news on Schneider Electric and AMD in the nearest future.