The editorial team talks about the news announced at the DatacenterDynamics event in London

This week on White Space, we mostly talk about the news from the DCD Zettastructure event in London. We’ve had an announcement – and a demonstration – of Microsoft’s Project Olympus that is simultaneously an upcoming server family and an open hardware development model.

Meanwhile Equinix has started testing the Voyager switches developed by Facebook and the Telecom Infra Project – another vote of confidence for the open hardware movement.

We have an update on OCP’s recently established Telco Project that has more or less defined its mission for years to come – adopting successful OCP kit for the needs of telecommunications providers by adding things like fireproofing, EMI shielding and seismic stability.

We are also working on a definitive guide on how to protect hard drives from the wrath of a fire suppression system, courtesy of Tyco and Future Facilities.

Other news covered in brief include: