We talk international politics, artificial intelligence and the confusion surrounding the future of Emerson Network Power

This week on White Space, we discuss Crimea, as the Russian state continues its takeover by launching several infrastructure projects including a data center built for the needs of the local government.

Meanwhile Canada has declared that public cloud is safe enough for government information, even if that information is classified.

In the US, the White House has officially published the details of the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) that lays out plans for greater efficiency and a shift to the cloud.

Google has run into trouble in South Korea – the search engine giant wants detailed map data, but is legally forbidden from hosting this data outside of Korea. Could another Google data center be on the cards?

DARPA concluded a security challenge that saw seven teams attempt to design the best AI to both hack computer systems and defend against attacks. For this purpose, the government agency built a pop-up liquid-cooled data center in just 29 hours.

Google and Facebook have released the specifications of the Open Rack architecture, which will now be evaluated by the Open Compute Project community.

We conclude with the news that Emerson is selling its Network Power division – which might still be called Vertiv, or might be called something completely different.