A very practical look at the progress made by the OCP movement

This week on White Space, we discuss the state of the Open Compute Project with a special guest, data center architect and DCPro instructor John Laban.

John and DatacenterDynamics editor Peter Judge talk through the biggest announcements from the OCP Summit that concluded earlier this month, identifying hardware trends that are going to have the most impact in 2016.

These include ultra low cost 100 Gigabit 500 metre Ethernet using duplex singlemode glass fibres, which John says is ”the final nail in the coffin for multimode fibres and parallel optics”.

Meanwhile, distributed Li-ion batteries are coming forward as replacements for a centralized UPS. Then there’s the news about Big Sur – a GPU-based server that was developed specifically for machine learning and High Performance Computing workloads.

We also talk about the arrival of the big telcos like AT&T, Verizon and Deutsche Telecom at the Open Compute table, and the surprise announcement that Google is joining the organization.

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