It’s the awards season at DCD, and that means dinner jackets and ballroom dancing

This week on White Space, we don our best suits on for the annual DatacenterDynamics EMEA awards show.

We also look at the prospects of Cloud28+, a collection of European cloud providers that build their services on OpenStack, brought together by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Max seems to think Cloud 28+ is a somewhat sneaky way to promote HPE’s Helion – a distribution of OpenStack that will be forced upon all members of Cloud28+, no later than 12 months after they join.

Peter returns from the recent COP21 summit in Paris with the news that Eaton wants to reuse old Nissan Leaf batteries for data center power. He also conjures up disturbing images of ‘pig shaving’.

And finally, we name some of our favorite award winners from this year’s show, which was hosted by one and only Alexander Armstrong. These include The Node Pole, Schneider Electric and Lamda Hellix – each with their own interesting story.

To see the complete list of the winners, follow this link.