The Fiona Stanley Hospital has been hit by a devastating IT outage, disrupting services at the Western Australian facility.

Patients were told that their appointments were delayed indefinitely, while ambulances were diverted to other hospitals.

Healthcare IT
– Getty Images

Critical healthcare equipment was unaffected by the outage. The hospital is slowly recovering (as of 10:48PM UTC), but has yet to share the cause of the outage.

The outage began before Amazon Web Services experienced a massive outage in Northern Virginia, and it is not believed they are related.

Last month, nurses at the Perth hospital said that they were working 24-hour shifts amid a staffing crunch and high numbers of intensive care patients.

IT outages at hospitals can be deadly - in 2020 a ransomware-caused outage at a Düsseldorf hospital led to the death of a patient after operations were postponed.

Earlier this year, a data center outage caused surgeries and procedures to be paused at a number of Wichita hospitals.

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