Reports are emerging of a serious outage at US bank Wells Fargo.

DownDetectorreported a surge of problems in the bank's online and mobile banking services, beginning at around 10:00 US Eastern time.

"Customers are complaining transactions have failed or disappeared, while others are reporting they can't sign in within the last hour," tweeted @AngelsInSuit at around 1020 Eastern. Another tweet from @silverguru22 suggested similar problems.

Other tweets speak of other outages in recent days, with several reporting trouble on October 29. DownDetector lists problems on October 23, 25, and 29, among others.

Wells Fargo previously suffered a major outage in February 2019, caused by problems at a data center in Shoreview Minnesota. These were variously reported to be due to a fire, or a failure in the facility's fire suppression system.

Another indicator of todays' problem - we have seen a surge of traffic on our 2019 story.

DCD has reached out to Wells Fargo. We've had no direct information about today's possible outage, but did get the following statement: “We apologize to any customers who experienced intermittent log-in issues this morning. The issues were quickly resolved, and there was no loss of any transaction data.”

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