The state of Vermont has announced its Advancing Gallium Nitride (V-GaN) Tech Hub will start producing gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors.

In comments after the announcement was made, the US state's Governor Phil Scott said that he wants to make Vermont a world leader in GaN chips.

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GaN is a wide-bandgap material, and as such can handle higher amounts of power than silicon. As such, GaN-based chips can be more efficient and durable than their silicon counterparts, and are becoming more widely used across various industries, particularly for power electronics applications.

Designated as one of the 31 inaugural tech hubs under the Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) Tech Hub program, the V-GaN Hub was established in 2023 and developed in partnership with the University of Vermont, GlobalFoundries, and the state of Vermont.

Working with its partners, the V-GaN innovates gallium nitride manufacturing through technology and prototype demonstrations, in addition to supporting previous investments in GaN technology, regional physical assets, and technical workforce development programs.

In February 2024, GlobalFoundries was awarded $1.5 billion by the US government under the CHIPS and Science Act. Part of that funding will be used to modernize the company’s Fab 9 plant in Essex Junction, Vermont, creating the first US facility capable of high-volume manufacturing of next-generation GaN semiconductors.

“This Tech Hub designation will expand Vermont’s expanding tech sector and introduce new and lucrative career opportunities for Vermonters,” said Scott. “The State’s collaboration with industry and educational partners is an investment in the rural economy and our youth, and my administration is standing by to help V-GaN in any way it can.”

He added: “The Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development and Vermont Department of Labour are working closely with the University of Vermont, the Vermont State Colleges, and GlobalFoundries to support V-GaN and to help it thrive.”