Social media platform Twitter closed its Sacramento data center on Christmas Eve.

The decision, pushed by new owner Elon Musk, had been repeatedly rumored. Musk has sought to lower the company's costs after his acquisition added billions in debt interest payments to Twitter's balance sheet.

– Twitter

The New York Times reports that the closure happened on December 24, and caused internal issues but did not lead to an immediate widespread outage as some had feared. Among the services that did break was a system used to deal with illegal and harmful content, but employees were brought in to work over the holiday break to fix it and other issues.

Musk tweeted that Twitter remained online, “even after I disconnected one of the more sensitive server racks," but it later suffered a partial outage impacting some users for a number of hours.

At the same time as closing one of three US data centers, Musk has sought to save costs through layoffs and by not paying contractors or rent for Twitter's offices.

The company is leaving its Seattle office after it faced eviction for not paying rent, and the NYT reports that other offices have begun to smell due to Twitter not paying its cleaners.

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