Turkish telecoms company Turkcell has agreed to sell its Ukrainian units to NJJ Capital, an investment vehicle of telecoms billionaire Xavier Niel.

The transaction includes Lifecell, Global Bilgi (Global Ukrayna,) and Ukrtower (Kule Ukrayna).

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According to a public filing, the Board agreed to the sale of the assets on December 20, before the agreement was signed on December 29.

It's stated that the total sales value is still to be determined.

The nominal values of shares sold are 12.7 billion Ukrainian hryvnias ($333.4 million) for Lifecell, 47.2 million Ukrainian hryvnias ($1.24m) for LLC Global, and 1.96 billion Ukrainian hryvnias ($51.5m) for LLC Ukrtower.

Lifecell is the third largest mobile operator in Ukraine with around a 17 percent market share.

Meanwhile, NJJ Capital is backed by Niel, the owner of French telecoms company Iliad Group.

CTI Towers adds more than 50 towers to portfolio

In the US, CTI Towers has acquired 56 towers from SRT Communications in North Dakota.

The company noted that the acquisition will enable it to provide 5G access to users in rural areas.

CTI Towers owns and operates more than 1,800 towers across the US.

Last month, the firm acquired 525 towers from Conterra Ultra Broadband Holdings across Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and California.