Semiconductor material supplier Topsil GlobalWafers has announced it's expanding its operations in Denmark.

It will see the company increase the production of Topsil GlobalWafers’ float zone 200 mm silicon wafers, resulting in the creation of 125 new jobs in Frederikssund, a town just outside Copenhagen.

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The float zone 200 mm silicon wafers have a number of applications, including energy transmission in wind turbines, power grids, frequency converters in motors, electricity generation in high-speed trains, photodetectors for medical imaging, and within the field of quantum computing.

Topsil was acquired by GlobalWafers in 2016 and is a leading supplier of ultrapure silicon for the semiconductor industry. In a statement, the company said the planned expansion was in line with the aims of the EU Chips Act and would help to bolster semiconductor manufacturing in the region and help strengthen the supply chain.

“We are thrilled to announce this significant expansion that will not only boost Topsil GlobalWafers capabilities but also contribute to the economic development of Frederikssund and Denmark as a whole,” said Hans Peder Mikkelsen, president of Topsil GlobalWafers. “This expansion aligns with our vision of being at the forefront of technological advancements and supporting our global partners in creating a more sustainable future.”

The Danish government is actively supporting the growth of the country’s semiconductor industry by overseeing the creation of competency centers, R&D alliances, and a new production capacity building. In addition, Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark, both organizations focused on bringing investment to the country, are collaborating with Topsil GlobalWafers to bring about the next phase of R&D and future production at the Frederikssund site.