Clive Chan has left Tesla's Dojo team for generative artificial intelligence company OpenAI.

Chan spent two and a half years at the automotive company, where he worked as a senior software engineer at the autopilot deep learning infrastructure team.

tesla supercomp.png
– CCVPR 2021

There, he said on LinkedIn that he worked on "machine learning training ASIC: software framework bring up, data center codesign, power efficient number formats, weekly with CEO."

He said on Twitter/X: "Since 2021 I've had the honor to train in the Tesla Dojo under true masters of the silicon arts. The world is now shifting. All eyes on AGI. One team - of people I've always looked up to - blazes the widest trail."

Chan's departure follows the departure of the senior director of autopilot and project lead for the company’s Dojo supercomputer, Ganesh Venkataramanan, in early December.

A week later, Tesla's head of AI infrastructure Tim Zaman announced that he would join Google DeepMind.

Dojo is the name for multiple Tesla supercomputers that use the company's custom D1-chips, designed by Venkataramanan's team and manufactured by TSMC.

The company first detailed Dojo in 2021, and installed the initial system in 2022. That version of Dojo has around 3,000 D1 chips, providing a total of 1.1 exaflops (BF16/CFP8) of performance.

The company now has several Dojo deployments across different data centers, and is building a Dojo data center at its HQ in Austin, Texas. An Austin-based job listing earlier this year called for "first-of-its-kind data centers."