Telin Singapore is collaborating with PCCW Global to offer a CE 2.0 external network-to-network interface (ENNI) service, scheduled to being servce this month. Telin Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PT Telkom), while PCCW Global is the international operating division of HKT in Hong Kong.

ENNI is an industry standard designed to make it easy to connect enterprise networks with carrier Ethernet quickly for fast rollouts and with improved visibility into network issues. The agreement will allow Telin Singapore to expand its service coverage over PCCW Global’s extensive international network in 140 countries worldwide and connect via CE 2.0 facilities.

Telin-3 in Singapore (artist's impression)
Telin-3 in Singapore (artist’s impression) – Telin

Reliable and secure

“Our collaboration with PCCW Global will enable us to roll out the CE2.0 ENNI service beyond Asia with our services and offerings, providing a more reliable and secure network for our enterprise customers,” said Sendang Praptomo, the head of business development and planning at Telin Singapore. “They will stand to experience the cost benefits from better network efficiency and increased productivity.”

Telin Singapore is currently building Telin-3, the first data center in Singapore’s data center park, to be ready for operations in Q3 2016. In the meantime, the company already has a strong presence in Singapore, with a data center in the east part of the island by Changi Airport, as well as a private area within Global Switch’s data center at Tai Seng.

It is not hard to see why Singapore is an important node for PT Telkom – the owner of Telin Singapore, and the largest telecommunications services company in Indonesia. With the majority of subsea cables from Indonesia landing in the country, this makes Singapore a strategic hub for connectivity to Indonesia. The collaboration with PCCW Global looks to extend the reach of its service coverage to around the world.