German cooling technology company Technotrans has received a 'major order' for its liquid cooling solution for high-performance servers from an unnamed US-based customer.

The order, which is in the "single-digit million euro range," will be delivered at the beginning of 2024.

– Technotrans

This is Technotrans' first US order. It won't say who the customer is, but predicts "increasing order volumes," saying that it expects this order to double in the coming year and continue to increase, so it can "gradually intensify the collaboration" with its unnamed customer, "to take a leading position in the market."

The anonymous company picked Technotrans' direct-to-chip liquid cooling system designed for high-performance servers that generate large amounts of heat.

"With our cooling solutions, we provide a key technology that makes these leaps in performance possible in the first place," said Michael Finger, spokesperson of the board for Technotrans. "Thanks to our particularly energy-efficient cooling systems, we also support server park operators on their path to green IT – and this order is just the beginning."

According to Finger, Technotrans' solution is suitable for newly built data centers, and can be retrofitted into existing server parks.

Technotrans provides cooling systems to a variety of sectors, including plastics, energy management, healthcare, and print. The company operates in 17 locations but provides its services worldwide. It has five manufacturing locations in Germany, one in China, and one in the United States.