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Data center provider Switch has announced plans for another of its giant SuperNAP data centers - this time a $1 billion, 1000 acre facility near Reno in Nevada. Switch also announced a plan to invest a further $1 billion in its Las Vegas data centers.

Switch has more than a million square feet (100,000 sq m) of data center space in its home town of Las Vegas, with two SuperNAPs running and another two buildings under construction, and plans to expand into Europe and the rest of the world. The new project is its biggest yet, with three million square feet (300k sq m) planned for the new facility. Reno is 450 miles (750km) from the existing Las Vegas SuperNAPs, but Switch plans to add a dedicated fiber loop to allow for connectivity and reliability.

Big plans for biggest little city
The new project was announced by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in a “State of the State” speech: “Switch is scheduled to expand to Northern Nevada, bringing $1 billion of investment with it,” he said, adding the claim that the associated fiber wopuld make Nevada the most digitally connected this would make Nevada the most digitally connected state in the US.

Switch’s plans would put Las Vegas and Reno on a new site will be on a “superloop” which will also connect to Los Angeles and San Francisco in California.

The facility will be designed to meet the Uptime Tier IV Gold rating, something which Switch’s SuperNAP 8 in Las Vegas has already achieved. 

In Las Vegas, Switch is adding another 200 acres, with up to a million square feet (100k sq m)

Nevada has become a popular destination for data centers. Apple was lured into Reno with a tax break in 2012, and has since expanded its data center there.