Immersion cooling expert Submer is working with lubricant maker Castrol to promote the development of cooling fluids for data centers.

BP subsidiary Castrol will work with Submer on the supply, standardization, and development of next generation immersion fluids for immersion cooling systems such as Submer's SmartPods.

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Castrol's famous 1982 advert – Castrol

Immersion cooling submerges electronics in a thermally conductive dielectric liquid which removes heat more effectively, using less energy and water, than an air-cooled equivalent.

The pair say Castrol’s thermal management expertise and Submer’s knowledge of immersion cooling will deliver benefits and make data centers more sustainable.

“At Castrol, we aim to work with our customers to help deliver a more sustainable future as set out in our Path360 framework, including working with our commercial customers to help them save energy, waste and water. Teaming up with Submer is a great example of how cooperation can help deliver more efficient operations," said Rebecca Yates, BP’s vice president advanced mobility and industrial products.

“At Submer, our stated mission is to enable sustainable digital infrastructures. There are two key drivers for needing a different medium other than air; there’s a technical need driven by the supporting future generations of high-density chips that can no longer be cooled by traditional means, a need to deliver more sustainable data centers with improved environmental performance," ” said Daniel Pope, co-founder and CEO, Submer. "Thanks to immersion cooling we can run these digital infrastructures with considerably reduced energy and space typically required. Additionally, with heat recovery and reuse technology, we turn them into highly efficient thermal power sources that can deliver hot water to neighboring businesses."

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