Stack Infrastructure is offering power capacity from its backup generators to the electric grid in Switzerland.

The infrastructure provider has signed up for the Swiss Winter Reserve Plan, which aims to prevent possible outages by reserving hydropower and generator capacity for short-term use. Stack's generators will be included in a set of reserves that the state can activate if needed.

Exterior_Generators Stack.jpg
– Stack

The Swiss Federal Council has issued a Winter Reserve ordinance, which includes measures to prevent a power shortage this winter, running between February 15 and April 30.

The measures include reserving hydropower and also building a new 350MW reserve power plant at the General Electric premises in Birr (AG), which will consist of turbines powered by natural gas.

The government is also running an energy-saving campaign, adding more grid capacity.

Alongside this, owners of backup power generators are being encouraged to volunteer capacity for the reserve to ensure the continued availability of electricity throughout the country. Under this measure, Swissgrid can request capacity from Stack when it will help the power supply.

“Stack has the capacity not only to support our clients' mission-critical workloads but also to provide additional energy capacity to the grid, so we are pleased to contribute to the Winter Reserve,” explained John Eland, CEO, of Stack EMEA. “Stack is committed to serving the local communities in which we operate. We are confident that Switzerland is resilient to any potential energy challenges, and we look forward to continuing to support the Confederation and Swiss citizens any way we can.”

Stack operates four data centers in Geneva, Zurich, and Avenches totaling more than 20,000 sqm (215,275 sq ft) and 45MW. The company took over the facilities last year after parent company IPI acquired local provider Safe Host and rolled it into the Stack brand.

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