The premier data center conference aimed at hyperscalers, DCD>Webscale in San Francisco will examine how telecoms and cloud infrastructure can reach consumers with so-called edge computing resources.

Opening speaker MobiledgeX CEO, Jason Hoffman, tells us that “an emerging class of pervasive, immersive experiences running on existing and new devices will create a market opportunity for a new wave of infrastructure growth located closer to the end user.” 

Discuss Edge computing at DCD>Webscale
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In a panel designed to guide organizations’ response to this major shift, Hoffman will be joined by Rebecca Wanta, CIO, One Degree World and Mark Thiele, CIO at Apcera.

“How do we make sure that infrastructure is introduced in a mutually beneficial way to both cloud and telecom providers where the mutual customer is the developer and device manufacturer?” asks Hoffman.

Liquid cooling, all afternoon

Liquid cooling could reduce the power demands and increase efficiency. DCD>Webscale will have a whole afternoon of sessions on the subject, including nascent open-source designs. Speakers will include 

  • David Martinez, Project Lead, Infrastructure Computing Services at Sandia National Laboratories on “Liquid cooling from the edge to the core: The Reimagined liquid-driven data center” and
  • Dale Sartor from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who leads a panel on open specifications for liquid cooling.