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Data center management system vendor RF Code has added new monitoring, asset lifecycle management, statistical analytics and predictive modeling features to its product range.

Asset Manager 4.0 for Data Centres is the latest extension to RF Code’s Workplace IoT (Internet of Things) platform, which is aimed at enterprise data centres as well as hosting, cloud and colocation (HCC) providers.

Track everything

RF Code’s sensor networks are used for centralized power, cooling and asset control. There are still massive efficiency wastages in most data centers, according to RF Code’s research, which indicates that on average, 20 percent of all data center assets go unaudited.

New features in the management system include automated visualisations of any asset’s entire lifecycle. An intelligent adaptive threshold and monitoring system aims to help data center managers to adapt to changing circumstances. Analytics and reporting engines have been added, in order to help refine data into intelligence that can be more easily interpreted and acted upon.

As an open system, Asset Manager 4.0 should be compatible with other applications such as Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and building management systems.

You can’t have proper asset management without complete visibility, said RF Code CEO Ed Healy. “Flexible, open integration is essential when planning capital costs and driving down the total cost of data center ownership,” he added.

RF Code’s software is used by many global enterprise and colocation data centers, reported market analyst Andy Lawrence, VP of research into data center technologies at 451 Research. “This move is part of an unfolding strategy at RF Code – the company is becoming firmly established as a data center management player.”

You can see screenshots of Asset Manager 4.0 below.