Fujitsu is reportedly shutting down its operations in the Republic of Ireland, with most of its workforce set to be made redundant.

Consultations are set to open shortly with employees who could be impacted according to The Register, which broke the news.

The company currently provides a range of cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure solutions to its customers in Ireland.

Adam Trill, Fujitsu's head of Ireland, apparently informed staff of the company’s decision last Thursday.

Some workers will remain to service existing contracts, the report said, but the company will not be bidding for new business.

Fujitsu has not disclosed how many people it employs in Ireland, though LinkedIn lists upwards of 200 current staff members.

The company said it was closing down its Irish operation because it was not hitting the 10 percent profit margin target set for the company’s business units around the world.

In a statement to The Register, a Fujitsu spokesperson said: “Following a thorough review of the business performance and market outlook in Ireland, and in alignment with Fujitsu's global strategic direction, it is with regret that Fujitsu does not plan to pursue new business in the Irish market.

"Going forward, Fujitsu plans to refocus its Irish operations on the fulfillment of its existing customer contractual commitments. These plans are subject to consultation with employee representatives and Fujitsu will be providing support for all those affected in the coming months."

Fujitsu has been in the spotlight in recent months for its role in the UK's Horizon Post Office scandal, which was brought back into public consciousness by the ITV drama series Mr Bates vs the Post Office. It saw postal workers wrongly prosecuted for stealing money that had actually been lost due to accounting errors caused by faulty Horizon software that was delivered by ICL and then Fujitsu.

Over 700 post office branch managers were prosecuted, and at least 93 convictions have already been overturned. The Post Office has thus far paid out £86m ($109.4m) in compensation.

In the wake of the renewed publicity the scandal has received, Fujitsu said it has “voluntarily” decided to no longer bid on UK government contracts for the foreseeable future. In January it was revealed the Post Office had wasted £31 million ($39.2m) on a failed attempt to migrate away from Horizon onto a cloud platform.

Fujitsu is also making changes elsewhere in its business. The company exited the data center market in the US last year, and is planning to do the same in South America.