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Severe flooding in Seattle and its environs have reportedly flooded a T-Mobile data center in Bothell, Washington. The local major proclaimed a local emergency within the Bothell city limits as torrential rains flooded rivers and tributaries in the area.
According to a post on a blog discussion, an unnamed T-mobile employee' gave some insight into the situation at the Bothell facility. The report is correct - The main data center is flooded right now, so we only have email and our coverage/outage map. No accounts can be accessed due to the systems being out, so this can and will affect short codes such as 646, 225, the website and just about every system. It started around 7:30pm EST and was still happening when I left around 2:00 am EST. They were hoping to at least get read only systems online in the next few hours, so that we can at least do a little for the customers. Hopefully it will be back soon - Any techies have a clue how long it takes to dry out servers and get them back online - That should give a better idea on timelines.