Data center and IT services provider Nehos is developing a 0.5MW data center in Padua, northern Italy.

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– Nehos

The data center will be connected to the VSIX Intenet Exchange and Nehos' other local data center via 9km of dedicated fiber optic cabling.

The facility, in a redeveloped /industrial warehouse at 2 Via Romania, is currently scheduled to open in 2024.

The site will have solar panels. Nehos says these will contribute around 110MWh per year, which it claims is approximately 15 to 25 percent of the data center's energy needs.

DCD estimates that 110MWh per year works out the equivalent of an average of 12kW constant power over the year, or around 2.5 percent of the total 500kW capacity of the faczility. We've contacted Neho for more information about this apparent error. .

“For a company like ours, having a network of proprietary data centers is essential to fully be game changers for the territory – comments Massimo Tozzato, president and CEO of Nehos.

"This new model intends to be the flagship of our organization, elevating the North East area to a hub for technological innovation and the development of companies throughout the local, national, and extra-national territory. The project is also important for the theme of sustainability, on which we found ourselves aligned with the designers right from the start."

For cooling, Nehos plans to deploy a "hydronic system" that will use free cooling combined with high-temperature water, which is hoped to reduce cooling energy consumption by around 80 percent on a monthly basis.

The data center will also feature an "immersive area" on the first floor where visitors can learn about the technical and functional aspects of the data center via a multimedia wall and virtual reality devices.

Nehos is a newly formed consultancy and development company for cloud and business infrastructure projects. The company's website does not provide much information about its founding, though reports say it is the result of a merger of companies with "twenty years of experience in the IT world."

Nehos' website links to Starsoftware Group, NS3 Data Center, Seon, Cylix, and Dinamiza, though does not state the nature of the relationship with these companies.

On LinkedIn, however, Tozzato is listed as a co-owner of both Starsoftware and NS3.

Similarly, the company does not list any information about its other "proprietary" data center in Padua, though Data Center Map does note an NS3 colocation facility in the city.

DCD has contacted Nehos to ask for clarification.