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Microsoft has has opened its $550 million, 470,000 square foot data center in San Antonio, Texas.
The center is a key hub for Microsoft's software plus services push. It will host Microsoft's Live search engine among other Live applications.
The San Antonio data center is Microsoft's "greenest" project to date using eight million gallons of recycled water per month for its cooling needs and has solar panels on the roof. According to San Antonio municipal energy company CPS Energy Microsoft is in talks about its Windtricity program. Windtricity uses wind generators to create electricity.
"San Antonio is a key hub for Microsoft in its North American distribution system," said Mike Manos, Microsoft's general manager of data center services.
Microsoft has built two nearly identical buildings under one roof on its 44-acre site and the servers in the first went live with week with the second half due for completion in the next few months, Manos said.