Micron has been ordered to pay computer-memory company Netlist $445 million in damages for violating patent rights in memory-module technology for high-performance computing.

Jurors in a Texas court found against Micron, determining that the chipmaker owes $425 million in damages for one patent and $20 million for the other.

Micron, Shanghai
– Micron

The jury also concluded that the company infringed the patents wilfully, which could lead to the judge multiplying the damages Micron will have to pay.

Micron had denied the allegations, arguing that the patents were invalid. While it did not affect the guilty verdict handed down by the jury, one of the patents was ruled invalid by the US Patent and Trademark Office in April.

"We are grateful for the jury's service, and their recognition of the importance of Netlist's innovation," Netlist attorney Jason Sheasby said in a statement.

Founded in 2000, California-based Netlist designs and sells high-performance SSDs and modular memory subsystems.

Last year, the company also won a $303 million verdict against Samsung in a case that also revolved around the infringement of high-performance computer memory patents.

In January, Google settled a $1.67bn TPU patent infringement case with Singular Computing; while April saw AWS ordered to pay $525m in damages to storage and data management company Kove, and HPE file a lawsuit against Inspur alleging patent infringement and deceptive business practices.