Maltese telco Melita has outlined plans to invest €50 million ($54m) on its fixed broadband infrastructure to support 10Gbps download rates.

As reported by the Malta Independent, Melita CEO Harald Roesch unveiled the plans last week, noting the investment will be made over the next seven years.

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“While we already offer exceptional connectivity, we are now working towards the next level of Internet speeds. You may ask why we’re doing this, especially since much of the hardware we use at home today has to improve before we can benefit from speeds as high as 10 gigabits," said Roesch.

“The reason is simple: by the time devices have evolved and new applications, such as AI, are more widely used, our network will be ready for the demands that will bring."

According to the Malta Independent, Melita is the only Maltese provider to deliver speeds of 1Gbps across the the islands, and is reportedly the only EU country with complete gigabit Internet coverage, per the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI).

On top of providing broadband services, Melita also provides 5G mobile services. Founded in 1992, Melita serves over 100,000 broadband customers across Malta.