A missing SSD disk from the SAP data center in Walldorf, Germany, was spotted on eBay.

Reported by The Register, four SSD disks were said to have gone missing from the SAP data center in Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, in November last year.


However, when one of the disks turned up on eBay and was bought by an SAP employee who was able to verify that the disk was, indeed, one of those missing and contained personal records of more than 100 SAP employees.

This has led to an investigation that suggests that rather than being ‘missing,’ the disks were actually stolen. According to the investigation, there were no physical checks on people leaving the data center despite the facility being considered a “secure location.”

The investigation found that the disks were moved to an unsecured building in the complex having left the data center, and were then stolen. The three remaining disks remain at large.

SAP said to The Register: "SAP takes data security very seriously. Please understand that while we don't comment on internal investigations, we can confirm we currently have no evidence suggesting that confidential customer data or personally identifiable information has been taken from the company via these disks or otherwise."

This is reportedly SAP’s fifth occasion of disks going missing from its European data centers in the last two years.

Despite these incidents, SAP is actively pushing its cloud services, with the company announcing a slew of new cloud features including generative AI in May of this year. The company also recently welcomed drinks company Diageo as a customer for its cloud platform.

SAP is a German multinational software company based in Walldorf, Germany. The company develops enterprise software, and provides AI and cloud computing services. The company's cloud computing services are hosted across the globe, with 30 data centers in North America, 24 in Europe, 19 in Asia, 10 in Africa, and three each in South America and Oceania.