An Israel Defense Force (IDF) video appears to show an underground server room in a Hamas tunnel in Gaza, Palestine.

The video comes amid Israel's ongoing war in Gaza that has killed more than 27,500 people so far, and displaced about 1.7 million people.

In the video, which has not been independently verified, IDF troops follow cables down a tunnel to a number of racks and what appears to be a UPS system.

While some networking gear remains, most of the racks were empty, with servers presumably taken by Hamas. Soldiers repeatedly say in Hebrew that there is nothing left, although they said that they found one 10TB hard drive.

DCD has contacted the IDF for further details about the video, and will update the story if we hear back. The IDF has been accused of staging videos and misleading journalists during the ongoing conflict.

Hamas has built a network of extensive tunnels under Gaza, insulating infrastructure from bombing attacks and allowing for troops to travel undetected. They have also been used to smuggle much-needed supplies in for civilians amid a 17-year blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt.

In 2021, Hamas itself claimed to have built 500 kilometers (311 miles) worth of tunnels under Gaza, but the number has never been verified. In late December, the IDF said that it had seized a 4km (2.5 mi) tunnel equipped with electricity, ventilation, and communication systems that was wide enough for vehicles.

The Israeli army is currently testing flooding the tunnels, with plans to roll it out at a large scale. It could contaminate freshwater supplies and damage what little infrastructure remains on the surface. It also could kill any remaining hostages that Hamas took on October 7, the original justification for the current conflict.

A US official told CNN that the IDF is only testing it in tunnels where they do not believe hostages are being held.

The conflict risks killing thousands more, including children. Consider donating to aid organizations today.