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Israeli virtualization startup Stratoscale has raised US$10m in Series A financing from Battery Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP). Scott Tobin, general partner at Battery Ventures, and Adam Fisher, partner at BVP will join Stratoscale’s board.

Little has been disclosed about the company’s technology. From its own description, it seems to be a way to distribute virtual workloads across different types of hardware according to each workload’s needs.

The company’s two co-founders have both successfully built and sold high-tech businesses prior to starting Stratoscale.

The company’s CEO Ariel Maislos co-founded Anobit Technologies, a firm focused on flash memory Apple bought in 2012. CTO Etay Bogner founded Neocleus, a client virtualization company acquired by Intel.

Battery has worked with both entrepreneurs on their past ventures. Battery’s Tobin said, “Ariel and Etay are solving a big problem.

“There is a better way for organizations big and small to architect and manage their data centers, and Stratoscale is going to surprise people with the elegance of its solution and how the company takes what, behind the scenes, is a monumentally difficult task and delivers it in such a simple way.”

According to Maislos, Stratoscale is building runtime software infrastructure for scalable computing. “Single-server solutions don’t make sense at scale – they are inefficient and difficult to manage, and the workloads no longer fit into single-server thinking,” he said.

“Under this system, each workload can run on the best matching hardware. All available resources are used, and a unified compute and storage infrastructure is achieved.”