A US investment firm is looking to expand into data centers with a new campus in Kyushu prefecture, Japan.

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Nikkei Asia reports US-based investment firm Asia Pacific Land (APL) is planning to build a $845 million (125 billion yen) facility in the city of Kitakyushu. APL reportedly hopes to develop a 150MW campus.

The plans were revealed Friday in a city proposal, submitted to the city council, to sell municipal land for the data center.

The 630,000 sqm (6.78 million sq ft) tract of land is valued at more than 2 billion yen (US$ 13.7 million). If the sale is approved the deal could be finalized by next month.

APL is a private firm that invests in real estate, renewable energy, and digital infrastructure. This is seemingly its first data center investment.

Kitakyushu is the northernmost city on Japan’s Kyushu Island. IDC Frontier Inc., a subsidiary of SoftBank since 2018, opened a data center in Kitakyushu in 2008. According to the company, the campus can be expanded to 11 buildings; the sixth opened in 2017.