Dutch data center firm Interconnect has announced plans to construct a new head office and two data centers at the De Brand business park in Den Bosch in the Netherlands.

The two facilities, located in the central part of the Netherlands, will expand the company’s total data center floor space from 6,000 sq m (64,500 sq ft) to 10,000 sq m (108,000 sq ft). Interconnect has an existing facility in Den Bosch which currently provides 800 sq m (8,600 sq ft) of space.

“We started with 250 sq m in Den Bosch,” said Rob Stevens, co-founder and commercial director of Interconnect. “Our strong growth is primarily due to a large group of loyal customers who have also grown strongly in recent years. They saw their need for a solid and highly available IT infrastructure continuously increase and we have always responded to this with enthusiasm, focus and dedication.”

The company expanded its 11MW Eindhoven facility in 2019. As with that data center, the new buildings in Den Bosch will supply residual heat to other buildings, and the company is in discussion with the province, municipalities, and possible buyers of heat.

The company says it will be offering white label space in its data centers, and already has one customer the new facilities in cloud service provider Skysource.