Instor’s ‘Data Center Fit Up’ team is finishing up a two-megawatt buildout at Digital Realty’s Woking, UK facility, 20 miles from London.

Commissioned by a global cloud provider, the project adds 225 cabinets and accompanying infrastructure. The work carried out by Instor included designing and installing structured cabling, installing custom remote power panels, and implementing cold aisle containment solutions.

Woking, Surrey
Woking, Surrey – Wikimedia Commons/Warofdreams

The Woking Deal

“Instor is ecstatic with its continued growth in the European market, highlighted by completing this recent London buildout,” said Jack Vonich, VP of sales and marketing at Instor, said.

The Fit Up team focuses on helping US companies handle infrastructure expansion overseas. Vonich said: “Typically, the complexities involved with the expansion of data center capacity to areas outside of the United States often lead to construction delays and increased expenses.

“Instor is well-positioned to help companies reduce their international risk as they’re expanding their critical infrastructure overseas through a seamless process which cuts capital expenditures and has been proven to significantly accelerate time-to-completion.”

Instor originally partnered with Digital Realty back in 2014, helping the company expand facilities in the US.

The Woking facility, along with ones in Watford and Croydon, were acquired by Digital Realty in 2012 when it bought the Sentrum Portfolio for roughly £715.9m ($1.1 billion).

Side notes: Apart from the Digital Realty data center, Woking has one or two other claims to fame. Most notably, it is the original location of the Martian invasion described in H G Wells’ War of the Worlds.

Wikipedia reminds us it is also the setting of “Town Called Malice,” a song by Paul Weller recorded by The Jam.

And the word “woking” was defined by Douglas Adams as: “standing in the kitchen wondering what you came in here for.”