Infineon has unveiled a number of new power supply unit (PSU) solutions to meet the energy demands of AI data centers.

Building on the chip company’s current 3kW PSU offering, 3.3kW, 8kW, and 12kW PSUs will soon be available to customers.

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According to Infineon, the power supply units will combine silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium nitride (GaN) in a “strategic configuration,” which the company said will allow its 8kW PSU to achieve benchmark efficiency and power density for 100 W/in3, compared to 32 W/in3 with the 3kW unit.

The 8kW PSU is also capable of supporting AI racks with power levels of up to 300kW and beyond, and will be available to customers from Q1 of 2025.

While no release date has been provided for the 12kW offering, the company said that when it is made available, it will be the world’s first PSU to reach that power level.

In a statement, Infineon said the surge in server and data center applications has brought about an increase in power demand, necessitating the need for improved power supply units to support higher power levels. The company said it collaborated with data center operators and power supply manufacturers to develop the solutions.

“With the unveiling of our roadmap and our latest development, the 8kW PSU, Infineon continues to lead the way in providing innovative semiconductor solutions based on Si, SiC, and GaN that address the evolving demands of AI infrastructure,” said Adam White, division president power and sensor systems, Infineon.

He added: “This latest addition to our portfolio and the 12kW PSU on the horizon exemplify Infineon’s commitment to delivering benchmark results in high-performance, efficiency, and reliability for the data center and AI ecosystem.”