Dell's hybrid IT APEX Cloud Platform is now available with Microsoft Azure.

– Sebastian Moss

The Dell Apex Cloud Platform is an infrastructure platform with Microsoft Azure that can be used on the cloud or on-premise.

Customers will be able to access the Azure services via the Apex Cloud Platform software. The system has been designed to work in both data center and Edge environments.

According to the companies, customers will see an 88 percent reduction in deployment steps compared to existing integrated systems. DCD has asked for clarification on how this has been evaluated.

“More of our customers are asking us to bring the power of Azure wherever they need it out in the real world, whether that is in their factories, retail stores, quick service restaurants, or distributed locations. Through our partnership with Dell, we can project just enough Microsoft Azure to those locations at the Edge,” said Douglas Phillips, corporate VP, Azure Edge & Platform.

“This new solution gives our mutual customers a seamless experience from cloud to Edge, wherever their data lives, so they can spend less time managing infrastructure and focus more on transforming their business.”

As new Microsoft Azure releases and patches occur, the system will deliver them within four hours. In addition, the company says that - in the future - it will offer specialized nodes based on the Dell PowerEdge XR4000 Edge-optimized server platform, as well as additional storage.

Several other companies have similar offerings - including Amazon Web Services' Outposts and Dedicated Local Zones, both of which see AWS hardware deployed on-premise while offering the same benefits of the cloud. The latter was launched in August 2023.

In April of this year, Dell teamed up with AT&T and VMware to deliver mobile multi-access Edge compute (MEC) including private wireless, and also based on the Dell Apex solution.