Huawei is launching a new cloud computing instance for small-medium businesses (SMBs).

Announced at the Huawei APAC Partner Connection Summit 2024 in Dongguan, China, Huawei's new instance is known as the HECS X and is a more flexible version of the HECS L. The instance will officially launch in April 2024.

Jet Liu, director of Huawei Cloud Operations – Huawei

HECS stands for "hyper-elastic container server." The HECS L or 'lightweight' version is an upgrade of the existing Yunyao Cloud Server that is gradually being migrated offline. Both the X and L feature x86 CPUs.

The HECS X is described by Huawei as its "star product," and is purpose-built for "flexible computing." The instance, currently available in public beta, has the option of more than 100 custom specifications and has Alkaid which enables distributed scheduling across millions of servers.

According to Huawei, the HECS X offers two times the performance of other instances at the same specifications and can collect performance metrics within seconds, detect QoS degradation, and automatically live migrate enabling applications to have all the compute capacity they need 95 percent of the time.

The instance can be optimized through AI for a six-time performance improvement using the Huawei Cloud EulerOS, and upgrades do not require restarting VMs as the HECS X can support live migration without disruption.

In addition to the new instances, Huawei is also launching new containers and databases as part of its SMB product portfolio.

Jet Liu, director of Huawei Cloud Operation Dept, said: "The upcoming product portfolio will offer you a lightweight experience. We will provide 70 percent more MDF for partners and assign dedicated PSAs to help double partners' revenue. We will also assist partners with go-to-market efforts by assigning experts to help run member circles. At the operational level, Phecda, our data intelligence platform, will be your next growth insight engine."