The UK’s national innovation agency Innovate UK has given startup Greenpixie a £50,000 ($64k) grant to track data center emissions.

Greenpixie currently works with Amazon Web Services and is set to launch on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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“This transformative technology has the potential to revolutionize the IT industry and finally address the absurd levels of waste in the cloud," John Ridd, Greenpixie CEO, said.

"By allowing unneeded computation to run in data centers, developers in the cloud are essentially heating empty homes. Thanks to the data we provide, they are finally able to build for environmental efficiency, not just cost and performance."

The company claims to calculate emissions based on computation, storage, memory, networking, and embodied emissions. The methodology is calculated using usage data, and includes the Scope 3 emissions of cloud providers.

Greenpixie last year raised £250,000 ($321,000) in pre-seed funding, from investors that include Internet personality Victoria Magrath.

“When I considered the environmental impact of my social channels and website, and looked into the scale of this problem more, I became passionate about being part of the solution," Magrath said.