Technology company Gold Data is set to build a cable system across the Gulf of Mexico that will link Mexico with Miami, Florida.

The company will invest $150 million in the project, which is expected to go live by 2025. The company calls it the first ever submarine cable in the Gulf of Mexico, ignoring the 'Gulf of Mexico Fiber Optic Network' which launched in 2008, and the upcoming Carnival Submarine Network-1 system.

Subsea cable
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The cable is the third phase of Gold Data's network expansion in Mexico and will connect Miami with strategic points in Mexico: Mexico City, Cancun, and Queretaro.

It will be the first cable system to land in the country for 22 years and will help support the growing data demand in Mexico.

"Our state-of-the-art topology network is revolutionizing Mexico’s connectivity by reducing latency by up to 35 percent, something that is key for enterprises and content providers which are hungry for reliable, low latency, high-quality connectivity," said Gold Data CEO Renato Tradardi.

"In addition, the expansion of this network to the US will be a game changer for Mexico’s fast-growing innovators looking for a fresh alternative to Silicon Valley."

The 10-fiber pair system will provide more than 250Tbps of capacity, adds the company, and is being built through partnerships with a host of carriers.

Gold Data is working with Orange for the technical design, while Ciena is providing the GeoMesh Extreme SLTE and transport technology. Orange is also working with Orange Marine cable ship and Alcatel Submarine Networks to lay the cable.

According to Gold Data, Orange has also signed an agreement to buy fiber pairs in Gold Data 1's system.

Gold Data focuses on telecommunications infrastructure and services and provides direct connectivity through the Americas and the Caribbean, where it interconnects more than 156 PoPs, and 76 data centers. The firm has a presence across 35 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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